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Geotechnical Services

Ground Investigations Ireland Ltd. provide the full range of intrusive ground investigations from Trial Pits to Rotary Coring with Geobore ‘S’, for both land and marine projects, ranging from single houses to large infrastructure projects.

The projects are managed and supervised by an experienced team of Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists and carried out by fully trained drillers experienced in sampling and testing for both Geotechnical and Environmental Investigations.

Our intrusive ground investigation methods include the following:-

  • Trial Pitting and Slit Trenching
  • Dynamic Probing and Window Sampling
  • Cable Percussion Boring
  • Rotary Coring including Geobore ‘S’
  • Groundwater and Gas Monitoring
  • Soakaway Testing to BRE Digest 365, Permeability and Packer Testing
  • Pump Testing

On completion of the site works we provide both factual and interpretive Geotechnical and Environmental Reports with Waste Classification