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Window Sampling

Ground Investigation Ireland Ltd. provides Window Sampling for Geotechnical and Environmental Site Investigations. Window sampling facilitates the collection of  information relating to soil parameters and ground conditions as well as the recovery of overburden samples for identification and testing.

Window Sampling is a versatile, low cost drilling method for shallow geotechnical and environmental sampling, where information on shallow ground conditions are required or shallow foundations are expected to be feasible.

The Window Sampler is a relatively lightweight, compact, mobile rig on rubber tracks for easy access to sites. It is an ideal drilling method for sites with restricted access (narrow gates, inside buildings, slopes, etc.) or soft ground.

The sampler uses one-metre long extension rods and is driven into the ground by a percussion method using a drop hammer, obtaining one metre long plastic lined cores to a depth of up to 10m in suitable conditions (generally 6m). The retrieved cores allows our engineers to  provide a full soil profile for geotechnical purposed and allow the collection of high quality samples for geotechnical and environmental testing.