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Temporary business operations in place, please read our company statement for more information.

Trial Pitting

Ground Investigations Ireland Ltd. has over twenty engineers with a range of qualifications including Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geologists and Environmental Engineers who have received in house training to allow them to carry out Trial Pitting. They are selected for the project depending on the project’s primary requirements. 

Professional trial pitting allows subsurface soil types and relative thicknesses to be accurately recorded.  Due to the large size of the exploratory hole it gives a clearer understanding of thin strata’s and provides a better knowledge of weathering characteristics applicable to rock formations. Trial pitting is often used as a quick and cost-effective method for gleaning a basic understanding of the soil profile across a site, or to supplement information provided by other methods of investigation that are undertaken concurrently.

Trial pitting is generally carried out with a large excavator to reach depths of up to 4.50m BGL, but it can also be carried out with smaller machinery and by hand digging in sites with access limitations.

A suitably experienced Engineer is present at all times to log the soil encountered and take a photographic record of the excavation and excavated material. Groundwater is monitored when encountered. All sampling requirements are such to meet our Client requirements.

Detailed geotechnical logs are prepared using AGS compatible software.

Ground Investigations Ireland can prepare soil test schedules and will undertake soil testing to determine the soil engineering characteristics required for engineering design to our Client’s needs.

Additional testing in trial pits can include infiltration / soakaway testing (in accordance with the guidance as set out in BRE 365), CBR testing and in-situ strength testing.

Ground Investigations will provide a full report including a detailed log of each pit, associated photos and laboratory testing along with comprehensive as-built plans, compiled in accordance with the Client’s requirements.

All fieldworks are carried out in accordance with Eurocode 7 part 2 Ground Investigation and Testing (ISEN 1997-2:2007) and British Standards: BS 5930.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Position Statement

Coronavirus COVID-19: Position Statement update for Ground Investigations Ireland Ltd

Due to the current measures put in place by the government, for the health and wellbeing of our workforce and the Public to curb the spread of Covid-19, GII have taken the following actions. 

All site works have temporarily ceased unless deemed necessary to deal with the current national Emergency, our rigs have where necessary been demobilised back to our yard. We will be continuing with works once the restrictions are lifted and will return to any site works that are incomplete. 

All of our engineers are working from home and will be able to finalise some works, there will be a limit on what can be achieved but we will endeavour to complete the works we can and get the information to our clients as promptly as possible your patience is appreciated at this time.  

We will still be accepting Tender and Pricing enquiries, if you can contact James Lombard on his mobile number below, for any other enquiries please contact one of the mobile numbers or e-mails listed below. 

Thank You for your support and we wish you and your employees and families the best and hope that you remain safe during this period.

James Lombard

Fergal McNamara

Barry Sexton

Conor Finnerty

Aisling Mc Donnell