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Temporary business operations in place, please read our company statement for more information.

Pyrite Testing (IS 398-1:2017/SR21:2014+A1:2016) and Block Testing-Pyrite and Mica (IS 465:2018)

Ground Investigations Ireland Ltd. have been involved in the sampling and testing of pyrite in aggregates since 2007 and have been instrumental together with the late Dr. Brian Hawkins and Mike Eden (Sandberg LLP) in developing protocols for the investigation and evaluation of pyrite in both aggregates and blocks.  We have carried out numerous investigations of aggregates and blocks containing pyrite which formed essential evidence in several high profile court cases.

We also offer a full range of testing of blocks for Muscovite Mica which has caused serious problems particularly in Donegal.  We offer a full service for the evaluation of deleterious material (Pyrite and Muscovite Mica) in aggregates and blocks for both existing structures and materials to be used in new structures.

James Lombard has served on the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) technical groups since 2012 and was instrumental in the development of IS 398-1:2017; and IS 465:2018. James has delivered presentations on these standards to various professional bodies and stakeholders.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Position Statement

Coronavirus COVID-19: Position Statement update for Ground Investigations Ireland Ltd

Due to the current measures put in place by the government, for the health and wellbeing of our workforce and the Public to curb the spread of Covid-19, GII have taken the following actions. 

All site works have temporarily ceased unless deemed necessary to deal with the current national Emergency, our rigs have where necessary been demobilised back to our yard. We will be continuing with works once the restrictions are lifted and will return to any site works that are incomplete. 

All of our engineers are working from home and will be able to finalise some works, there will be a limit on what can be achieved but we will endeavour to complete the works we can and get the information to our clients as promptly as possible your patience is appreciated at this time.  

We will still be accepting Tender and Pricing enquiries, if you can contact James Lombard on his mobile number below, for any other enquiries please contact one of the mobile numbers or e-mails listed below. 

Thank You for your support and we wish you and your employees and families the best and hope that you remain safe during this period.

James Lombard

Fergal McNamara

Barry Sexton

Conor Finnerty

Aisling Mc Donnell