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Slit Trenching

Ground Investigations Ireland Ltd. has over twenty engineers with a range of qualifications including Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geologists and Environmental Engineers who have received in house training to allow them to carry out Slit trenching. The Engineers are selected for the project depending on the project’s primary requirements. 

Slit Trenches are generally long narrow trenches. They are commonly excavated in urban environments and on roadways to determine the position of existing underground services and the soil profile prior to carrying out planned developments. Identifying and recording the locations of services is crucial for development projects when they need to be diverted from their current position or avoided entirely. 

Our services include provision of a full report including a detailed log of each trench (in plan and cross section) and comprehensive as-built plans, compiled in accordance with the Client’s requirements.

Excavations of Slit Trenches usually combines hand excavation methods and excavation using a small mechanical excavator equipped with a toothless bucket. A suitably experienced Engineering Geologist or Geotechnical Engineer is at all times present and supervises all operations and carries out a detailed survey of the excavation features, such as; the depth, dimensions of the trench, soils strata, the nature, position, dimensions and orientation of any utilities exposed as well as any other relevant information as the excavation proceeds.

The soil is logged in accordance with Eurocode 7 Part 2 Ground Investigation and Testing (ISEN 1997-2:2007) and BS5930:2015 and soil samples are taken according to specification.

Slit Trenching jobs are mainly carried out along existing roads where local traffic and utility providers are taken into consideration. GII staff engaged on slit trenching projects have received the required training and development and hold the relevant CSCS cards such as Signing Lighting and Guarding, Location of Underground Services etc.

The engineers ensure all works by Ground Investigations Ireland on roadways are set up with appropriate Traffic Management and all service providers and local authorities are contacted and aware of the works taking place. Temporary and Permanent Immediate Reinstatements of road surfaces are undertaken in accordance with the Clients and Local Authority requirements.